How to properly apply for a job

There is a difference between job applications and things to include in your CV and application files between the various European countries.


We (the class 9c from the Hoelderlin-Gymnasium in Nuertingen/Germany) tried to summarize the main differences and created a manual on what to keep in mind when applying for a job in an English speaking country.


First of all, when applying, you need to collect information on the company you would like to work for. In doing so, you can better prepare for a potential interview.


When writing the application, here in Germany, you have to write a summary on why you are best qualified for the job and why you are applying. In English speaking countries there are three main parts (see guideline below picture How to write a letter of application) which you have to keep in mind when writing the letter of application.


As far as the CV is concerned, in Germany you have to include all you personal data, such as your parents (what they do as a profession), whether you have  any siblings, your hobbies, skills, school/educational information, vocational training,apprenticeships/interns or social activities. In contrast to this, the English CV should contain especially information about your qualifications (specialized on the respective job), special trainings that you attended, your basic personal data (date of birth and address) as well as where you went to school and what you graduated in.

See manual below picture How to write a good CV

Usually you include certificates from school and university when you send the letter of application as well as letters of recommendation (e.g. from a former employer or a teacher).


If you were successful, you are then invited to an interview. Even then,  there are some things to keep in mind in order to have a decent appearance and a successful turn out to the interview.

All in all, there are a lot of things to keep in mind and to pay attention to when applying for a job or internship no matter if in Germany or in another country, however, this manual could help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Class 9c