German Dream

Lots of people participating in the poll considered happiness and freedom to be a crucial part of the German dream. Happiness, or in general, the pursuit of happiness has always been a goal of the human individual, but freedom is a desire that is kind of striking in Germany. The surveillance of the NSA and other intelligence services have caused our trust in the government and our personal freedom to totter and therefore caused a strong wish of liberty.

However, the participants of the survey also claimed that they want work to be worth the trouble which correlates with the fact, that there is a broad consent within many classes of the society about the misdistribution of wealth and too low wages for the proletariat and precariat.

Some people also wanted a strong feeling of community and security, while others associated the German Dream with prosperity and material needs. Equality was the least requested quality of the German Dream, which leads to the conclusion that we already achieved a high equality standard in our country which does not need to be further improved by recording it in the German Dream.


Both the German and the American Dream reveal a very idealistic conception: The pursuit of happiness, freedom and security are similar ideas and goals. Nonetheless, the German Dream almost entirely goes without prosperity, which is a crucial aspect of the American Dream. Additionally, the poll revealed that the German Dream leads a shadowy existence: Only half the people polled could specify their perception of the German Dream, the others could not come up with a clear ideal.